Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save Our Planet

Pearl said over lunch on Wednesday that she was considering becoming Vegetarian. I stopped and stared over at her t-shirt and her lunch (Chicken rice, by the way) and looked to her and said,"Right, no wonder you have meat written all over you!" If that's what it takes to be vegetarian, then hell yeah sign me up. If only I had a fairly reasonable weight, I wouldn't mind being Vegetarian too.
Which reminds me of a game we played in school today over lunch. It was simply, "Guess the Weight?" of each of our classmates. I was taken aback when everyone thought I was 60Kg or above. It didn't come across to any of them that I could weigh 55Kg or below. This feels awesome for some reason!
All these thoughts and talk on weight and vegetarianism got me researching and I found some pictures of celebrities that posed nude for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to save our planet and to protect animal rights such as from being skinned for their fur. I wonder if they really did it for the environment or just the chance to pose nude without being judged. Oh well, but I love them all and what they did have really benefited society and made a change in many people's lives. Above is one example of a vegetarian celebrity using her status to help save the World, Alicia Silverstone.

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