Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Proposal

I missed a call from Addison this morning because I was getting ready to enter the exam hall and I replied to him that my paper was about to begin and switched it off. Corporate Finance was easier than expected. Tor said she will score at least 90% on it!!!

As I was walking to the MRT with Tor and Chris, Dom told me it was announced that No Doubt is the latest band to be added to the lineup of performers for F1 Rocks, and just as I turned on my phone and read Addison's text saying "to phone him IMMEDIATELY". But oh shit, I knew what he was so eager to tell me already! I felt that that was such a nice gesture so thanks ATW!

Had lunch with Tor at the Cathay and caught the Proposal. It was really a fun and romantic comedy. Loved every moment of the film. The crowd in the theatre were literally laughing their assess off! Had a meeting with "the agent" at home after the movie. More details on this to come soon!

This has been an amazing day. A great exam, great news and a great surprise to come! Lunch with Addison at town tomorrow.

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