Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Global Gentleman

I have decided to enter a GQ cum The Global Gentleman competition which involves submitting a photo and elaborating on it. For example which country it was taken in, events that occurred and all. After much thought, I picked the photo above which will be accompanied by the write up below:

This photo was taken in March at Easter last year in Los Angeles. My cousin Briana and I brought her daughter Haley (the baby in the photo) to an Easter egg hunt. She had just learned to walk at the time, we ran around the compound with Haley to look for the Easter Eggs. After the egg hunt we brought Haley to the arts and crafts section where she made her first masterpiece by coloring some pictures. The activities organized were a great way for families to spend the afternoon and bond.
I'm going to submit this soon! The prize is so fantastic. But what are the chances of winning out of the thousands of people.

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