Sunday, December 13, 2009

Keep Rollin', Keep Rollin'

I wished I had taken photos of the food served at the St Patrick's Christmas Party last night. It was a seriously scrumptious meal. Turkey, Meatballs, Shepherd's pie, Fried rice, Cakes, Apple pies, Brownies, Sushi and so much more.

Besides the food and decorations, I didn't really feel the Christmas spirit though! There were no Carols and the games did not involve anything to do with Christmas! We played Charades and Pinata. But still, kudos to the organizers on the effort put in with everything else.
Also managed to catch up with my Godfather, Karen Pereira and some old friends. Went to Changi afterwards for a birthday party and had more cake and Indian cuisine. It was a 21st birthday celebration with an Arabic like theme! Quite an eventful night.

Hope everyone else is feeling great with your preparations for Christmas!

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