Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video Clip On Demand (December)

The Video Clip on Demand for December is taken from the Pilot episode of Glee.

I picked these clips because it brings back fond memories of my days in St Patrick's School. I was in the English Literary Debate and Drama Society (ELDDS), and I distinctly remember the reason I had joined it along with my many other CCAs; I didn't want to leave school having not accomplished anything I could be proud of.

I was on a drive to fulfill duties and expectations and surpass distances I was not even sure I was capable of accomplishing. However tough it was, I wanted to do it or at least try at the very most. I enjoyed acting and dancing with my best friends Addison and Corey and watching the clip "Don't Stop Believing" only brought me back to the past when the 3 of us would perform dance items for school concerts and CCA events.

That wave of fear and excitement waiting backstage just before performing is something I miss! This nostalgic element accompanies the show every time I watch it, and it's always a good feeling!

Due to restrictions, I was unable to upload the Video on here. However, it is on my YouTube channel.

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