Friday, December 11, 2009

Thorpedo, New Moon And Pearl

Now another thing I can cross out on my list of things to do - Watch New Moon!

Headed to St Patrick's School to pick Br Edward at 9am. Helped him to deliver some magazines to Churches in the west coast all morning.
Afterwards, we went to HortPark to meet some friends. It was a really nice environment there. A potential for future picnics. They told us that just a short while back before we arrived, they ran into Ian Thorpe, Australian Olympic Winning Swimmer! He was nice enough to take photos with fans around the area. Just my luck!
It was hot and we were starving so headed back to the east coast and had lunch at KFC! The climax of the day though was meeting Dora and watching New Moon! Not many people enjoy the Twilight Saga so I'm lucky to have her to watch it with. I really liked the scene where Bella jumps off the cliff and Victoria escapes from the forest. The music accompanying the scene was awesome. It was like the baseball scene in Twilight and they played "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse.

Walked around town and had some crazy moments as always going around and embarrassing ourselves! It was a nice way to kick start the holiday season!

Ho Ho Ho!

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